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Laboratory of optical and photoelectrical spectroscopy (Z. Remeš, J. Holovský)

Experimental equipment:
  1. Aparatura CPM (constant photocurrent method) Měření spekter optické absorpce v amorfních, nanokrystalických a mikrokrystalických tenkých vrstvách polovodičů (a-Si, μc-Si pro sluneční články, ...)
  2. FTPS (Fourier transform photocurrent spectroscopy) apparatus. Photocurrent spectra and optical absorption spectra in the spectral range UV-VIS-NIR, temperature range 77 – 400 K, together with a standard FTIR vibrational spectroscopy, ATR measurements, measurements with an integration sphere, ...
  3. PDS (photothermal deflection spectroscopy) apparatus. Precise measurement of a small value of the optical absorption coefficient in thin layers, as amorphous or nanocrystalline Si, diamond or nanocrystalline diamond, transparent conductive oxides as ZnO, SnO2, solar absorber CuInGaSe, in a broad spectral range UV-VIS-NIR, together with measurement of transmittance and reflectance.
  4. Laser calorimetry (excited at 532 nm, 635nm, 830nm a 1064 nm). Absolute measurement of the small values of absorptance.
  5. Experimental study of light scattering at nano-rough and micro-rough surfaces. This is complemented with optical modeling of thin film silicon solar cells with nanorough surfaces and interfaces (Monte Carlo model CELL).
In general, we perform all optical and photoelectrical characterization of important materials for thin film photovoltaics, together with characterization of layers deposited in our Laboratory of Diamond thin films and carbon nanostructures