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Laboratory of luminescent and scintillation materials (V. Jarý, M. Nikl)

Experimental equipment:
  1. Absorption and transmission spektrophotometer Shimadzu 3101 PC. Two-beam apparatus, 190-2500 nm. Reflection spectra, integration sphere accessory.
  2. UV-VIS luminescence spectrofluorometer 199S, Edinburgh Instrument. Excitation and emission spectra 200-800 nm. Decay kinetics measurements in the 0.1 ns - 1 s time scale. Excitation by hydrogen and deuterium lamps, X-ray tube. Pulse nanosecond and microsecond flashlamps Horiba Jobin Yvon. 22Na radioisotope for scintillation decay meausurements.
  3. VUV-UV luminescence spectrometer McPherson. 120-600 nm, excitation by deuterium lamp. F2 laser and pulse electron gun for the decay measurements in 10 ns - 1 s time scale.
  4. Apparatus for scintillation response measurement(photoelectron yield). Measurement of pulse-height spectra. Large set of radioisotopes available for excitation ( 5 keV - 5 MeV). Detection based on HPMT (hybrid photomultiplier).
  5. X-ray source Seifert for sample irradiation, 5-60 kV, 3.5 kW.
  6. Oven Carbolite RT - 1000o C for programmable sample annealing in air.
In the lab all the above mentioned optical, lumienscence and scintillation characteristics are measured at single crystal, glass, optical ceramics and powder samples.