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The Laboratory of Biophysics

Advanced Physical Methods in Cell Biology and Medicine – The Laboratory of Biophysics
(Plasma Medicine, Laser-based bio-research, Nanoparticle-cell and nanomaterial-cell interactions)
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We investigate how different external physical cues affect cell functionality
The Laboratory of Biophysics exists since the end of the year 2016. We are aiming to create a unique interdisciplinary biophysical platform for complex research and cooperation across physics, chemistry, biology, and medicine, serving at the same time as an excellent research centre for education of students. The research of the laboratory is focused on the effects of materials, structures, interfaces, particles, and physical fields on biological systems as well as the development of new biotechnological concepts.
The ultimate goal of our laboratory is to gain insight on how physical factors influence the processes that drive cell behaviour and functionality.

Why should one even bother to study the effects of physical cues on living cells?
A growing number of studies have reported that external physical cues (e.g. mechanical forces, electromagnetic fields, nanomaterials, etc.) may have an impact on a broad range of cell behaviours and functions. However, there is lack of studies showing rigorous biochemical investigations into how physical cues transmit signals within the living cells. Especially when clinical translation is involved, one should apply criteria of evidence based medicine.


Oleg Lunov, PhD – Head of the Laboratory; email: lunovatfzu [dot] cz; tel: (+420) 266 05 2131; (+420) 266 05 2636
Anna Lynnyková, PhD – Postdoctoral fellow; email: lynnykatfzu [dot] cz; tel: (+420) 266 05 2491; (+420) 266 05 2636
Barbora Smolková – PhD student; email: smolkovaatfzu [dot] cz; tel: (+420) 266 05 2491; (+420) 266 05 2636
Mariia Uzhytchak – PhD student; email: uzhytchakatfzu [dot] cz; tel: (+420) 266 05 2491; (+420) 266 05 2636

Laboratory equipment
The Lab is equipped with molecular biology laboratory of the security level class S1, and also with an advanced microscopy laboratory.

Cell culture laboratory with liquid nitrogen cell storage

Confocal laser scanning imaging system equipped with the eppendorf micromanipulator

IXplore SpinSR Olympus super resolution (OSR) system. Resolve confocal images down to 120 nm XY resolution using the confocal technique and Olympus super resolution (OSR).