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Liquid crystals (lead by V. Novotna)

Investigations of novel liquid crystals with dipolar order, understanding of their phase diagram, topological defects and low frequency relaxations responsible for dielectric behaviour.

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  • Polarizing microscope (NIKON Eclipse E600Pol) with the heating-freezing stage (THMS600 Linkam) used for texture observation, digital photo-camera NIKON COOLPIX 990
    (contact: V. Novotná, A. Bubnov, ext. 2134, room 147)

  • Multifunctional Oven BINDER VD23 for cell preparation/filling
    (contact: A. Bubnov, ext. 2134, room 147)

  • Impedance analysers (Hewlet/Packard 4192A and Schlumberger SI 1260) for dielectric spectroscopy study in the range of 0.1 Hz-30 MHz applied for dielectric spectroscopy measurements
    (contact: V. Novotná, A. Bubnov, ext. 2134, room 147)

  • Memory digital oscilloscopes (Le Croy 3904 and TEKTRONIX TDC70) for spontaneous polarisation and switching time measurement
    (contact: V. Novotná, A. Bubnov, ext. 2134, room 147)

  • Photoelastic modulator PEM 100 by HINDS Instruments, lock-in amplifier SR 844 (25 kHz-200 MHz, PIN diode and function generator (Philips PM 5191) in the birefringence measurements set-up
    (contact: V. Novotná, ext. 2134, room 147)