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Light and neutron scattering (lead by I. Gregora)

The group concentrates on investigation of lattice dynamics and critical phenomena in polar materials, like ferroelectrics and relaxor ferroelectrics. These materials are known for their extraordinary dielectric and electromechanical properties, widely used in industrial applications ranging from micro-capacitors and ferroelectric memories to transducers and actuators.

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Experimental equipment

  • Micro-Raman spectrometer RM 1000 (RENISHAW), multichannel detection, temperature range 10 – 1450 K, polarizing microscope (excitation @ 514 or 633 nm)
    (contact: I. Gregora, ext. 2654, room 128)
  • In-Via Reflex Raman Microscope (RENISHAW) combined with NTEGRA Spectra AFM Upright Microscope (NT-MDT). optical AFM head – for Raman and AFM mapping (excitation @ 488 or 325 nm)
    (contact: I. Gregora, ext. 2654, room 128)