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Extreme Nonlinear Optics in Semiconductors

Tuesday, 11.06.2019 15:00

Speakers: Stephan W. Koch (Philipps University Marburg)
Place: Na Slovance, main lecture hall
Organisers: Department of Condensed Matter Theory
Abstract: This talk presents an overview of our recent work on the interaction of ultrashort, high-intensity terahertz pulses with semiconductor materials. After a brief introduction to the field of extreme nonlinear optics in atoms and solids, the basic ingredients of the microscopic semiconductor modelling are summarized. Examples of successful theory-experiment comparisons are discussed, including the generation of very high harmonics, dynamical Bloch oscillations, internal quantum interference effects, quasiparticle collisions, as well as lightwave valleytronics in TMDCs.

Recent references include:
Nature Photonics 8, 119 (2014); Nature 523, 572 (2015); Nature 533, 225 (2016); Nature Photonics 11, 227 (2017); Nature 557, 76 (2018),
Work done in collaboration with: M. Kira, Univ Michigan/USA, U. Huttner et al., Univ. Marburg/Germany (theory) and R. Huber et al., Univ. Regensburg/Germany (experiments)