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ALBA synchrotron CIRCE beamline

Monday, 15.07.2019 10:00

Speakers: Ing. Kateřina Horáková, Ph.D. (Department of Analysis of Functional Materials, Institute of Physics)
Place: in seminar room 117, Slovanka
Organisers: Department of Analysis of Functional Materials
   The talk will be focused on CIRCE beamline on ALBA synchrotron which is positioned in Barcelona and then experiments that I participated during my stay there.
   CIRCE is a variable polarization soft X-ray beamline which is intended for advanced photoemission experiments. A plane grating monochromator covering the energy range between 100 and 2000 eV is shared between two independent branches with experimental endstations: PEEM (photoemission electron microscopy) and NAPP (near ambient pressure photoemission). The light beam is switched between the two branches using a couple of deflecting mirrors.. Relevant results have been obtained in Photo Emission Electron Microscopy XPS-PEEM, XMC(L)D-PEEM, IV-LEEM, and u-LEED modes, combining state of the art spatial resolution with spectroscopic measurements (spectromicroscopy).
   The first experiment studied skyrmion generation and manipulation by XMCD-PEEM in perpendicularly magnetized systems. The second study was focused on the influence of the initial state of Graphene/Cu polycrystalline substrates (G/Cu) on the growth of ZnO on it. Characterization of pristine G/Cu and ZnO growth was studied with XPS. The third work studied the influence of surface acoustic waves (SAW) on Pt diffusion through a Rh layer by XPS-PEEM. In the other experiment Fe-doped NiO have been grown on Ru(0001). The nucleation and growth process were observed in real time by means of Low Energy Electron Microscopy (LEEM).