Organic nanotubes created from mesogenic lactic acid derivatives


We found a facile route how to prepare nanotubes from rod-like mesogens dissolved in typical organic solvents. For selected types of chiral rod-like molecules, both enantiomers as well as the racemic mixtures, the nanotubes are formed by slow evaporation from a solution, regardless the solvent, concentration or deposition type. Obtained supramolecular assemblies were studied using various experimental techniques and nanotubes of 50-60 nm diameter described. We proposed rolling-up mechanism related to the surface tension difference at the opposite layer surfaces.

Contact person: Vladimíra Novotná

Organic nanotubes
In the background AFM picture shows nanotubes, the diameter of observed nanotubes is 50-60 nm. A scrolling-up mechanism of crystalline molecular layers was proposed based on difference between the surface tension at the opposite surfaces.