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Development of compact picosecond kW-class lasers at HiLASE Centre

Wednesday, 11.01.2017 14:00 to 16:00

Speakers: Martin Smrž (Institute of Physics CAS)
Place: Lecture Hall of the Institute of Physics, building ELI Beamlines, Dolní Břežany
Presented in Czech
Organisers: Institute of Physics

High average power picosecond lasers require special approach since such lasers must withstand both the high peak power of ultrashort pulses and at the same time the high heat load caused by the demand for high repetition rate of a pulse train. Thin-disk laser architecture adopted by HiLASE proved to be ideal solution of this issue. Several thin-disk laser systems based on Yb:YAG gain medium have been developed in-house at HiLASE providing nearly diffraction-limited beams at the average output power exceeding 500 W. Our next effort is directed towards broadening of available range of wavelengths from deep UV to far infrared and shortening the pulses below 1 ps, to pave the way towards emerging scientific and high-tech applications.

The excursions to laboratories of HiLASE and ELI Beamlines laser centres will be available after the seminar. We kindly ask the interested participants to register as soon as possible using online form We plan to organize also a bus transport from Slovanka and Cukrovarnická to Dolní Břežany (and back). If you are interested in this transport option, please indicate it in the same online form (the address as given above).