Students came, saw and tasted... not only our great coffee, but also the diverse job opportunities at FZU

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We experienced another successful participation in career fairs. This year we started on 4th April at the FJFI CTU at the proven event "Ulov mě na Jaderce" and continued on 24th April at "Dny firem na Matfyzu". In both cases, a considerable number of students, especially students of physics and mathematics who are already looking for job opportunities during their studies, arrived at the FZU stand. Together we discussed the possibilities of professional employment and the offer of internships at FZU.

We like to visit students, as meeting them in person opens doors and helps FZU present itself as an attractive organization that has a lot to offer to young talents. It was gratifying to see that first-year students were already interested in work experience at FZU, with internships being the most in demand. It was evident at the events that even in comparison to the competitive offers of commercial companies, FZU can appeal to students, and not only with the smell of coffee that we offered. Thanks to our sci-commers and PR team for their support and cooperation. We believe that this type of event also helps build the FZU employer brand and science that matters. We look forward to the next time. 👍

On behalf of the organizing team

Monika Svobodová