Scientific Careers from other Perspectives (equal opportunities)

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What is gender equality? How to work with the topic not only in the wider society, but also in an organization similar to ours? Where do we actually stand within Europe?

These were the questions that Hana Dobšíček Trefná, the main guest of the discussion meeting "Scientific career from other perspectives (equal opportunities)", which took place Na Slovance on 7 November 2022, asked herself and the audience .  

Hana Dobšíček Trefná is a successful scientist working in the field of biomedicine at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, and has been devoted to the topic of gender equality for a long time.

The role of a host was assumed by the director of FZU, Michael Prouza, who during the meeting presented a view of the given topic from the perspective of FZU.

The meeting offered the possibility of an interesting comparison of the approach to the promotion of equal opportunities in the Czech Republic and in Sweden. Statistics, trends and examples from practice were presented.

The conclusion of the meeting was in an inspiring spirit. Gender equality is not about quotas and numbers, but above all about respect for diversity or the determination to break bias and stereotypes experienced so far. Any of us can help with this.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to meeting you again sometimes soon!

Lucie Beránková, Monika Svobodová

 HR team