The Science Fair: come and learn more about forces that take the world of physics forward

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Institute of Physics would like to invite you for a visit to the Science Fair. It has become a tradition that we are one of the biggest exhibitors among the Institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences and there will not be another fair in the year 2022 where you could meet us on such a big scale. This year, together with ELI and HiLASE centres, we have prepared tens of fantastic exhibits waiting for curious visitors.  

For the youngest visitors we have prepared a levitation surprise, robotic ZOO driven by light and a chill-out zone. For older children, a short whole-stand game called Jedi Academy has been prepared which will test not only their mental and physical agility, but also the ability to think and to listen attentively to experienced science masters. Adult visitors can get more closely acquainted with the beauty and usefulness of selected areas of research conducted at the FZU. 

Visit out stand to test the safety of your home laser, see cosmic radiation with the help of a fog chamber, flick a laser whip, learn about the power of photovoltaics and, last but not least, talk to researchers in the field of lasers, optics, particle physics and materials physics. And as in previous years, you can again enjoy the popular laser maze. 

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More about the Jedi Academy game 

An academy is a place where mental and physical abilities are cultivated. The word originated in Ancient Greek and it is a promise of space for development and retention of knowledge in a particular field.

The Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic takes patronage over a number of fields which help us to scientifically get to know the world around us. One if its largest institutes is the Institute of Physics which focuses on research of natural phenomena down to their deepest essence.

At the stands, you will find not only demonstrations from the world of power – electricity and magnetism, but also experiments with light, lasers or even invisible cosmic particles.

This year, we have prepared a Jedi Academy game for playful souls, where, like any young Padawan, you have to undergo training, gain knowledge and experience in many different fields of knowledge. Collect your midi-chlorians and increase the power of your mind. Honest learners will receive a sweet reward at the end.

And don't forget to stop at our chill-out zone, where you can experience virtual reality, play games and literally recharge your batteries. There is also a special Answer Spot available here, where our FZU Masters will answer everything you ever wanted to know about physics (but were afraid to ask).