Next stop the Institute of Physics. Hurry up getting on, the door is opening

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Do not miss a unique opportunity to explore what is happening behind the doors of the Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences (FZU) in Ládví, Střešovice and Dolní Břežany. From November 12 to November 16, come to see the most powerful laser in the world, observe atoms with us or visit laboratories where scientists test the shape memory of alloys. All this during Doors Open Days of the Institute of Physics.

FZU laser centres attract visitors to experience the unusual also by means of virtual reality.

How nanolayers for displays and solar cells are made, where instruments for scanning suitcases at the airports are improved, what do samples of materials look like under a microscope? You call learn all that in Ládví where five thematic tours through top-class laboratories have been prepared for you.

At Střešovice premises, you can penetrate the Nanoworld with an electron microscope. You can see the details of everyday objects, but also crystals of nanodiamonds which are difficult to observe. You can experience experiments with hydrogen and learn how the physics of solids is inquired into. On Saturday, the public can come to join a tour around the buildings build in art deco style.

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Experiments with liquid hydrogen rank among the most popular ones.

In Dolní Břežany experimental halls of ELI Beamlines and HiLASE laser centres will be open, where you can catch a light sward by means of the so-called light diffraction, test your logical thinking in a Laser Maze game or you can see the basic components of each laser directly in action.

Do not forget to book in advance as the capacity of the tours is limited! Admission is free of charge. The event is part of Week of Science and Technology of the Czech Academy of Sciences.