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The Institute of Physics has launched a new version of its website today that represents a fundamental shift away from its previous Internet presentation. Its blue tone colour scheme is clearly oriented toward modern design and user friendly settings for individual user groups. The new solution is another step in a number of changes in the communication approach of the largest institute of the Academy of Sciences.

The new website has neatly combined the presentation of international research teams, application spheres and comprehensive popularisation activities of the Institute of Physics. “It is clear at first glance, in contrast to the previous version, that the website has been radically modernized. In addition to the new design of the website, it brings a number of improvements and functions that are primarily aimed to enable a better and a more appealing presentation of our researchers to the public and the international research community. We are aware that by launching the website the work on the web is not over, in fact, it only starts. We are going to intensively work on further improvements and development of the website,” said Jiří Červenka, Science Secretary, who has been in charge of the project management since 2018.

The implementation of the user friendly website is a joint effort by UX designer Zbyšek Nádeník; a webdesigner Ondřej Pohorský; and a Bratislava based company Coolstrá

We will be happy to hear from you about your browsing experience on our website web [at] fzu [dot] cz