Introducing 3S – Smart & Safe Solutions for laser systems and applications

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New application area of the HiLASE Centre!

The main fields of the 3S (Smart & Safe Solutions) area include real-time control, which focuses on robust automation, machine vision, the development of robust sensors, and robust electronics in general. Artificial intelligence elements such as autonomous laser alignment and micromachining process optimization. Automatic active alignment and stabilization of the laser beam. Furthermore, laser safety, both testing of materials and safety features (such as safety goggles), but also laser training, development of class 1 lasers, risk assessment, and the actual development of safety features such as laser shutters. Furthermore, the focus is on the reliability of optical components, damage prediction, and, last but not least, the management of the laser processing technology in order to adapt more quickly to new parts and shapes with sufficient precision and repeatability. Simply put, 3S focuses on implementing technologies and procedures with a focus on ensuring worker and equipment safety in parallel with maximizing the efficiency of laser systems, required equipment, and other technologies, increasing productivity and reducing economic demands.

The main guarantor of this area is Ing. Jakub Horáček, Head of the ETS Department and Senior Control Systems Engineer. We asked Jakub for an interview in which he will introduce 3S.

The full interview is available HERE.