FZU stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine

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The FZU joins the Czech Academy of Sciences, which has supported the declaration of the Czech Prime Minister on the development of the situation in Ukraine.

The FZU will also participate in a new international cooperation program of the Czech Academy of Sciences for university students, postdoctoral fellows and researchers working in the territory of invaded Ukraine and offers additional support outside this program through the possibility of paid secondments for Ukrainian colleagues.

The FZU is actively collaborating with Ukrainian scientists in various fields of physics, and the latest excellent results include, for example, the participation of Ukrainian colleagues in commissioning of the SST-1M Cherenkov telescopes in Ondřejov.

If you know of a specific Ukrainian colleague who the FZU could help in the current situation, please contact the FZU Director Michael Prouza directly (email: prouza [at] fzu [dot] cz (prouza[at]fzu[dot]cz)).