Filip Matějka has succeeded with his lecture at the Materials Research Society meeting

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The award for the best student lecture at one of the world's most important materials conferences was awarded to Filip Matějka, a PhD student working at the Institute of Physics. At the Fall Meeting of the Materials Research Society in Boston as part of a symposium on plasma technologies, he presented a lecture entitled "Unlocking the Limits of Plasma-Activated Liquids and Plasma Synthesis of Silicon Nanoparticles".

Matějka's lecture was devoted to the topic of plasma synthesis and surface passivation of larger silicon nanoparticles and silicon quantum dots. These materials are considered promising nanomaterials due to their very low toxicity and a wide range of potential applications, from miniature light sources to battery capacity-enhancing anodes.

"I was very pleased with the award, both in terms of motivation to continue research and improvement and as recognition of the work done so far. I also consider winning the award a small repayment of the trust my supervisor Dr. Pavel Galar and our group leader Dr. Kateřina Kůsová put in me," added Matějka about the award.

The Materials Research Society (MRS) is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 1973 that brings together more than 13,000 materials scientists and engineers worldwide. MRS facilitates collaboration among professionals working in various areas of materials science, including physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics and engineering, and has a diverse membership in more than 90 countries. MRS is headquartered in Warrendale, Pennsylvania. It actively promotes communication and interdisciplinary research through meetings, publications, and programs. The organization's goal is to improve the quality of life through advances in materials research.