“Cukrovarnická” belonged to neighbours. Another year of Different City Experience festival was held on Saturday

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A levitating train and a non-newtonian fluid became the comeback hits of this year’s Different City Experience festival. The two succeeded in the tough competition of seductively smelling pancakes and coffee served by a local bistro, they had been arranged primarily for children by the Institute of Physics.

The popular attractions included the traditional evening film show screened to the façade of the historical building. “This year’s screening was based on camera image processing and evaluating effects using a special scientific FPGA card which assessed and algorithmized the data,” says Jan Zobal from the Institute of Physics, and adds that “the image processing was taking in place real-time, and the screening was accompanied with laser effects. We would like to say thank you to our colleagues from the Department of Signal Processing from the Institute of Information and Automation of the Czech Academy of Sciences for lending us the card.