City Therapy at the FZU “Cukrovarnická”

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On Wednesday 9 June 2021, we joined the fifth year’s program of the m3 Festival / Art in Space by unveiling a sculpture by Anežka Hošková at the premises of the FZU in Ořechovka. The intention of the project declared by the curators is to present works of art as a method of healing the space and the community; that’s why all the artists selected for the project have close ties with the District of Prague where they exhibit their work.

The building of the Institute of Physics in Ořechovka, designed by Josef Záruba-Pffermann on Cukrovarnická street, is an integral part of artistic inspiration for Anežka Hošková. As our neighbour, she reveals new elements in Záruba-Pffermann’s artistic expression every day. The style, in which the building was designed, known as “Rondocubism” (a Czech spin-off from the international Cubist style) is also reflected in her sculpture entitled Hey Moon.

The temporary installation of the Hey Moon sculpture before the C Building of the FZU is also praised by the curator of the Prague City Gallery, Jitka Hlaváčková, who conceived this year’s festival program in cooperation with Ludvík Hlaváček. The fourteen artists and artist groups invited to take part in the exhibition will show their artwork around Prague Districts 6 and 7 from 15 June until 30 September 2021.

Anežka Hošková – “Hey Moon “, visual study
Anežka Hošková – “Hey Moon “, visual study

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