Bouncing balls, ice cream and farewell to the holidays

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Many new experiments and practical demonstrations of the use of science in everyday life were experienced by the children of FZU employees during the third year of the traditional summer club organized by colleagues from the Division of Optics. 

Children made bouncing balls, created leaf prints using cyanotype, and did experiments with liquid nitrogen. However, the highlight of the whole event, which took three afternoons, was making ice cream. Blueberry and chocolate. It was not a novelty, but a proven concept from last years, which the children did not mind at all. The children left each day excited and took their products home. We hope to see each other again next year!

"Many thanks to my colleagues who organised the summer club for the third time. The annual interest from children and parents shows that we are on the right track. Play and simple experiments adapted to children are the best way to learn the basics of science and to experience how the world around us works," said Alexandr Dejneka, Head of the Division of Optics.

Together with the lecturers, they also took part in the farewell to the summer holidays in the form of a barbecue in front of the Optics building. Although the weather was really changeable and the drizzle was followed in turn by heavy rain and then sun and heat, the event was a great success.

Over 300 sausages, 60 fried cheeses, 4 kg of Coleslaw, 2.5 kg of tomatoes, and over 1 kg of nachos were eaten and 45 l of lemonade were drunk. A new feature of the event was its charitable aspect – the voluntary admission fee will be used for the benefit of the Humanitarian Hotel Na Zámečku in Záběhlice, where war refugees from Ukraine have been living for more than a year, for example to buy food or other necessary goods. A total of CZK 6,150 was raised during the event!