Biophysics Team Won Cells 2021 Best Video Abstract Award

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A research team of the Laboratory of Biophysics won the Cells 2021 Best Video Abstract Awards contest. The winning video abstract of the Biophysics team is a crisp illustration of the research paper, published in journal Cells. The Award Committee highly evaluated the research novelty, video quality and votes of the readers.

The study of the Biophysics team revealed how iron oxide nanoparticles alter hepatic cell signaling events. Iron oxide nanoparticles have long been implemented in biomedical applications, including iron deficiency therapy and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Due to their relatively low toxicity, low production costs, and unique magnetic properties, these nanoparticles have attracted worldwide scientific interest. However, those nanoparticles have failed clinically as contrast agents for MRI due to various side effects.

We are proud to receive an award for best video abstract in scientific journal Cells.

Dr. Oleg Lunov

In this study the Biophysics team has shown that even sub-toxic doses of iron oxide nanoparticles dramatically affect lysosomal-mediated signaling. Specifically, the study revealed a tentative mechanism of altered lysosomal homeostasis and autophagy-related signaling. Presented results provide an important fundamental background for the future development of targeted nanoparticle-based therapies.

Cells 2021 Best Video Abstract Award - The main goal of the contest was to explain the published paper in a simple, informative and meaningful way. As famous scientist Albert Einstein mentioned: ”If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”.