Preparation of organic single crystals based on pharmaceutical materials and characterization of their properties


Supervisor: Ing. Jan Čejka, Ph.D. (UCT Prague)

2nd supervisor: Ing. Robert Král, Ph.D. (FZU Prague)

Topic of this work will be focused on preparation and crystal growth of volatile and subliming organic compounds with accent on active pharmaceutical ingredients (polymorhps, solvates, salts or cocrystals) from gaseous phase and solution in order to prepare large-volume crystals thereof. The work will be focused on sublimation apparatus design and optimization of the crystal growth procedure of organic compounds from gaseous state using horizontal two section resistive furnace with separate temperature regulation. This method is based on transferring (subliming) the starting material into gaseous state in the storage part of the growth system and its subsequent crystallization (desublimation) in the dedicated coolest place of the system. Setting of suitable temperature regime in both furnace sections defines and controls the growth rate of growing crystal. An integral part of the work comprises: (i) a new crystallization container divided into storage and crystallization stages will be designed, (ii) growth conditions (temperature gradient in the furnace, temperature regimes) will be optimized, and (iii) the physical, structural and optical properties of the prepared crystals will be characterized. Second part of this work will be focused on preparation of crystals of model organic compounds grown from solution. The solvents influence on the crystallization process and final crystal quality will be evaluated. Results of characterizations performed on crystals obtained from diverse procedures as well as of used procedures will be compared.