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Information about ASEP and RIV databases

  • ASEP (Records of the publication activity) is a database of scientific publications of the Czech Academy of Sciences and it is administered by the Library of the Czech Academy of Sciences (KNAV).
  • RIV (Information Register of R&D results) is a database of the Research and Development Council.
  • Here is basic information about the transfer of papers records to the ASEP and the RIV databases.

    It is need to handed the papers to E. Pulcmanová, she enters the data into the Advanced Rapid Library (ARL), system developed for the ASEP. The ARL system contains publications of the Academy staff since 1993 and allows constant on-line data entering during the year. For searching in the ARL, we recommend webpage For statistics which KNAV produce for the Academic council each year, it is necessary to observe the following deadline: for the authors 31.12. of the current year. It is in the interests of the institutions, that the maximum of the published publications is entered into the ARL database at that date. After that date, it continues with entering of the later published articles.

    Data to the RIV database is exported annually by KNAV. It is necessary to observe the term: for authors 10.3. in the following year. This deadline ensures that the embedded records are exported to the RIV in the “collection year” (e.g. Papers published in 2010 has collection year in 2011).

    All publications which are submitted later (after March 10) are recorded into the ASEP database continuously (independently of the year of issue), and will be exported to the RIV next year.

    pulcmanatfzu [dot] cz (E.Pulcmanová)