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ICXRL 2018

Sunday, 07.10.2018 to Friday, 12.10.2018

Place: Café Louvre, Národní 22, Praha
Organisers: ELI Beamlines - Fyzikální ústav AV ČR, Ústav fyziky plazmatu AV ČR
16th International Conference on X-Ray Lasers

The scope of ICXRL 2018 includes, but is not limited to:

  • Laser and discharge pumped plasma x-ray lasers
  • Injection / Seeding of x-ray amplifiers
  • High order harmonics generation and ultrafast phenomena
  • X-ray free electron lasers
  • Novel schemes for (in)coherent XUV, X-ray and γ-ray generation
  • XUV and X-ray imaging, optics and metrology
  • X-rays and γ-rays for fundamental science
  • Implementation of X-ray lasers, XFELs and super-intense lasers
  • Applications and industrial uses

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