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HR Excellence in Research Award - HRS4R

The Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences is pleased to announce its initiative to apply for the European Commission’s HR Excellence in Research Award. The HR Excellence in Research Award gives public recognition to research institutions that have made progress in aligning their human resource (HR) policies with the principles set out in the the European Charter for Researchers and Code of Conduct for Recruitment of Researchers (Charter and Code).

The HR Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) has been launched by the European Commission to support research institutions and funding organizations in the implementation of the Charter and Code in their policies and practices. The principles of the Charter and Code specify the roles, responsibilities and entitlements of researchers as well as of employers of researchers. The overarching aim is to develop an attractive, open and sustainable European labour market for researchers, giving individual researchers the same rights and obligations wherever they may work throughout the European Union. The value and impact of implementing this strategy at the Institute of Physics should be primarily to benefit researchers. By implementing the strategy, the institution will continuously try to improve its policies, practices, research environment, and support for researchers.

In order to gain the HR Excellence in Research Award, the institute is required to execute the following steps of the HRS4R process:

  1. The institution conducts an internal gap analysis to compare its practice against the principles of the Charter and Code.
  2. The institution develops an action plan based on the findings of the analysis to fill gaps in the provision of support and career development for researchers.
  3. The analysis and action plan are submitted to the European Commission and reviewed by external international experts. Once acknowledged, institutions can use the HR Excellence in Research logo.
  4. The institution carries out a self-assessment at least every two years to assess progress and update its action plan.
  5. An external evaluation will take place at least every four years. External reviewers can recommend improvements needed in order to retain the acknowledgement.

The implementation of the HRS4R process at the Institute of Physics was initiated by the director’s official endorsement of the 40 principles of the Charter & Code on November 9th, 2017. The HRS4R process has been carried out by the HR team and Working Group for HRS4R as a part of the project "HR AWARD FZU – Improving quality of the strategic management in the Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences” and is described in detail bellow (see Documentation).

The Institute of Physics also established a Steering Committee containing a wide range of stakeholders and researchers within the Institute of Physics to oversee the implementation process. The list of all members of the Steering Committee and the Working Group for HRS4R can be found below.

In the last year, the HR team, the Working Group for HRS4R and the Steering Committee have been making tangible and measurable advances to analyse the current situation and propose active steps for aligning the HR policies of the Institute of Physics with the principles of the Charter & Code. The process started with a thorough employee survey and Gap Analysis resulting in the development of a customized Action Plan for the forthcoming 2 years. The Action Plan, the methodology and results of the survey can be found below in Documentation. The implementation phase of the activities in the Action Plan commenced in the 4th quarter of 2018 using the established bodies (Steering Committee and Working Group for HRS4R) and Implementation Teams. The Implementation Teams are in charge of implementing four areas of the themes from the Action Plan, dealing with the matters of HR, internal communication, working conditions and PR. Their members and roles are described below in Documentation. The Gap Analysis and Action Plan were submitted to the European Commission on October 5th, 2018.

The European Commission welcomed the care taken in aligning the Institute of Physics’ HR practices with the Charter and Code in the EC Consensus Report on December 11th, 2018. The accessors indicated that the application met most of the criteria; recommending minor modifications and the re-submission of the application within two months. The revised application containing the updated Action Plan was submitted to the European Commission on February 8th, 2019. On April 26th 2019 The Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences has been granted the European Commission’s HR Excellence in Research Award.


The Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences is pleased to announce granting the European Commission’s HR Excellence in Research Award!

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  • Survey Methodology and Outcomes
  • Action Plan
  • HRS4R Implementation Process
  • Committees and teams

    Steering Committee – members

    RNDr. Michael Prouza, Ph.D. FZU DirectorResearcher – R4Prague
    Ing. Iva BabčanováHead of Personnel DepartmentAdministrativePrague
    Ing. Jaroslav BezděkHead of Administration Unit - SlovankaAdministrativePrague
    RNDr. Martina Boháčová, Ph.D.Deputy Head of DepartmentResearcher – R3Prague
    Ing. Jiří Červenka, Ph.D.Science SecretaryResearcher – R4Prague
    RNDr. Antonín Fejfar, CSc.Statutory Deputy DirectorResearcher – R4Prague
    doc. RNDr. Petr Kužel Ph.D.Senior researcherResearcher – R4Prague
    Ing. Štěpán Potocký, Ph.D.ResearcherResearcher – R3Prague
    Ing. Zdeňka PříhodováHead of Administration Unit - CukrovarnickáAdministrativePrague
    Ladislav Půst, Ph.D.Deputy Head of DivisionAdministrative/
    Researcher R3
    Dolní Břežany
    RNDr. Jiří J. Mareš, CSc.Deputy Director for Cukrovarnická siteResearcher - R4Prague
    Ing. Roman HvězdaDeputy Director for ELI Beamlines
    and Hilase projects
    AdministrativeDolní Břežany

    Working Group HRS4R – members:

    Implementation Team - Human resources – members:

    (themes: recruitment and selection process, career growth, employee evaluation and training)

    Ing. Lenka ČernáHR CoordinatorAdministrativeDolní Břežany
    Mgr. Dominika Jírová HR CoordinatorAdministrativeDolní Břežany
    Bc. Olga LakomáHR CoordinatorAdministrativeDolní Břežany
    Bc. Klára DaňkováTraining and Mentoring Programme CoordinatorAdministrativePrague
    Mgr. Ilona Gottwaldová BPhil IslGrant Office ManagerAdministrativePrague
    Bc. Milada MoudráPR ManagerAdministrativePrague
    Ing. Lucie Beránková HR CoordinatorAdministrativePrague
    Mgr. Pavla NovotnáProject AdministratorAdministrativePrague
    Mgr. Ivo Svejkovský, MBA, Ph.D.Manager for International CooperationAdministrativePrague
    Ing. Iva BabčanováHead of Personnel DepartmentAdministrativePrague
    Mgr. Monika HochmanováTraining and Mentoring Programme CoordinatorAdministrativePrague
    Mgr. Simona DačevaHR CoordinatorAdministrativePrague
    Lenka ČernáAdministrative
    Jiří ChudobaResearcher R4
    Jiří VackářResearcher R3
    Alexander KromkaResearcher R4
    Petra KšírováResearcher R3
    Olga LakomáAdministrative
    Dominika JírováAdministrative
    Lucie BeránkováAdministrative
    Petra KratochvílováAdministrative
    Iva BabčanováAdministrative
    Monika HochmanováAdministrative
    Christelle KadlecResearcher R3
    Klára DaňkováAdministrative
    Simona DačevaAdministrative
    Anna ArtemenkoResearcher R3

    Implementation Team - Working conditions – members:

    (themes: revitalization of the working environment, “soft” working conditions, gender balance)

    Lucie BeránkováAdministrative
    Ignacy Wolak-SawickiResearcher R4
    Oleg HeczkoResearcher R4
    Petra TomáškováResearcher R1
    Petra BoháčkováAdministrative
    Petr KuželResearcher R4
    Eva MihókováReasearcher R4
    Miloslav KlingerResearcher R1
    Martina ToufarováResearcher R2
    Ivo SvejkovskýAdministrative
    Zora EbermannováAdministrative
    Ondřej DanešAdministrative
    Martina BoháčováResearcher R3
    Anna LynnykResearcher R2
    Marijke Anna SpanjerTechnical
    Natalia PodoliakResearcher R2
    Filip KadlecResearcher R3
    Simona DačevaAdministrative
    Anna ArtemenkoResearcher R3
    Alice HospodkováResearcher R4

    Implementation Team - Public relations – members:

    (the main theme:development of popularization activities)

    Pavla NovotnáAdministrative
    Michal MarčišovskýResearcher R2
    Jaromír KopečekResearcher R3
    Martin LedinskýResearcher R3
    Oleg LunovResearcher R4
    Kateřina BrejchováTechnical
    Milada MoudráAdministrative
    Radek KříčekAdministrative
    Michael VíchAdministrative
    Anna LynnykResearcher R2
    Teťana OstapčukResearcher R3
    Andrew TaylorTechnical
    Ivana VíšováResearcher R1
    Alena BakalováResearcher R1
    Zdeňka HájkováResearcher R2

    Implementation Team - Internal Communication – members:

    (themes: ethical aspects of the work of scientists, quality audit, procedures in complaints, ensuring bilingual communication at the FZU, effective communication)

    Olga LakomáAdministrative
    Jaroslav CvachResearcher R4
    Silvia SedlákováResearcher R1
    Jiří OswaldResearcher R4
    Irena KratochvílováResearcher R4
    Josef KrásaResearcher R4
    Pavla NovotnáAdministrative
    Hana WaňkováAdministrative
    Jarmila BarešováAdministrative
    Ladislav PůstAdministrative/
    Researcher R3
    Marijke Anna SpanjerTechnical
    Andrew TaylorTechnical

    Choose your key topic and join the implementation team! Your are very welcome! Further information: Ivo Svejkovský, svejkovskyatfzu [dot] cz

    Other useful information:

    Institute management

    Institute council

    Supervisory board

    Ethics committee and Code