Tau lepton mass


Dear colleagues,

we would like to invite you to the seminar of Division of Elementary Particle Physics of Institute of Physics, presented by Dr. Radek Žlebčík.

For more info, please see invitation.



Belle II detector in Japan belongs to the next generation of B factories, experiments primarily dedicated to explore properties of B mesons, particles containing b-quark. The goal of Belle II is to take a 100 times bigger dataset than its predecessor. We are far from that yet - current integrated luminosity of Belle II is half of the Belle one.
Thanks to the better detector resolution, even with this smaller dataset Belle II has already published several world-leading results, not only related to B mesons. One of them is the most precise determination of the tau lepton mass - one of the fundamental parameters of the Standard Model.
In the seminar, I will introduce methods used for measuring tau lepton mass at various experiments with a focus on the new Belle II result.