March Science Lunch


2D & 3D Graphene: Which is Better? by Martin Šilhavík, Ph.D.


Graphene in 2D form exhibits extraordinary properties. However, its thickness is only ≈0.35 nm, which is highly impractical for many macroscopic devices and does not suit every application. To overcome this barrier, we have created 3D porous architectures of graphene from discrete graphene sheets without restacking them. Now comes the important question: Will 3D graphene have the same properties as 2D graphene and which is better? You will hear the answer to the question in the March Science Lunch.

Join us! The event is primarily intended for postdoctoral researchers, however, all FZU researchers are invited.

The meeting is for postdocs and also other FZU researchers who are interested in meeting regularly and discussing not only professional topics. During this event, you can enjoy lunch and hear interesting information about a contemporary topic in the field of physics, followed by an informal discussion. Lunch will be provided for all participants.

The organization team would appreciate if you book your place at least 2 days before the event so we can order an adequate number of lunch portions. Thank you!

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