FZU 70 | Roots of Solid State Physics at Slovanka


Presenters: Pavel Lejček, Miloš Jirsa, Jan Petzelt, Petr Šittner

Research in the area of solid state physics at FZU has been historically carried out mainly at the Slovanka and Cukrovarnická sites. There were good times and bad times, but continuous improvement of the environment for doing research in a friendly, collaborative atmosphere has always been our foremost goal. Unfortunately, the great work and many achievements of previous generations of excellent FZU physicists might be quickly forgotten. We believe that we can and shall do something about it. This brief lookback lecture might be a good start.

Three colleagues, who once did essential work in setting up and leading research in three research departments at the Slovanka FZU site – Pavel Lejček, Miloš Jirsa and Jan Petzelt – will tell us briefly about the roots of the research in the physics of metals, magnetism and dielectrics from their perspectives. Petr Šittner, as the current head of the Division of Condensed Matter Physics, will add a few words on the present situation and plans for foreseeable future research in the division.


The lecture is a part of the cycle celebrating the 70 years of FZU and it is intended especially for FZU employees and the professional community. The lecture will be followed by excursions to the laboratories from 13:00.

Please book your place for the lecture or excursion well in advance in the reservation system.