FZU 70 | 70 Years of Elementary Particle Physics at FZU


Presenters: Jiří Chýla, Alexander Kupčo

We are going to start with the evolution of particle physics at our institute, starting with a small group of cosmic ray physicists who participated in the processing and analyses of tracks of particles in nuclear emulsion, all the way to the current Division with a broadly oriented research program as it has existed since the end of the last century. The historical journey will take us to the restrictions on our activities before 1989 and emphasize the role of the – albeit limited – collaboration with CERN during that era. We will focus on the key experiments in the (then) USSR, CERN and DESY, in which we made significant contributions, either directly or through our membership in Dubna groups, and which were instrumental in our accession to CERN as a full member in 1993. From there, we’ll move to the main areas of theoretical research pursued during that time.

Finally, we are going to conclude with the description of the development of the research programme of our Division during the last 20 years, highlighting research activities at CERN and FERMILAB, our new involvements in astroparticle physics, and new research topics in theoretical physics, including string theory, cosmology and gravity.




The lecture is a part of the cycle celebrating the 70 years of FZU and it is intended especially for FZU employees and the professional community. The lecture will be followed by excursions to the laboratories from 13:00.

Please book your place for the lecture or excursion well in advance in the reservation system.