February Science Lunch


Assessing environmental challenges of post-mining minerals using 3-dimensional electron diffraction by Gwladys Steciuk, PhD.


The mining of uranium ore as a source of energy and other metals has not been just beneficial. Today, there is a need to effectively cope with the aftermath of ore mining and processing. In ore deposits, supergene minerals are formed as a result of weathering processes and they serve as a temporary or final sink for toxic elements, otherwise released into the environment. To assess and predict the behavior and the mobility of elements during weathering, detailed knowledge of the structure of post-mining supergenes combined with physical and chemical properties is of great importance. Until recently, a large portion of supergene minerals’ structures remained overlooked as they do not meet the criteria for conventional analyses by X-ray methods. A recent approach to accessing the structural information at the nanoscale consists in using the 3-dimensional electron diffraction techniques in a transmission electron microscope.

Join us! The event is primarily intended for postdoctoral researchers, however, all FZU researchers are invited.

The meeting is for postdocs and also other FZU researchers who are interested in meeting regularly and discussing not only professional topics. During this event, you can enjoy lunch and hear interesting information about a contemporary topic in the field of physics, followed by an informal discussion. Lunch will be provided for all participants.

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