ELI: 15 years of “Extreme Light”


Extraordinary Institutional Colloquim

History of ELI

ELI: 15 years of “Extreme Light”
From its inception to a truly international infrastructure for excellent science 

Daniele Margarone, ELI Beamlines

The ELI Beamlines Facility is a pillar of the ELI (Extreme Light Infrastructure) ERIC pan-European Research Infrastructure hosting the world’s most intense laser sources. ELI Beamlines developed and operates four cutting edge high-peak, high-average power femtosecond laser systems and offers a unique combination of primary (lasers) and secondary (high-energy particles and X-rays) sources to the international user community. Currently, several beamlines and experimental stations are operational and being upgraded to reach their full performances, while other instruments are in their commissioning phase.

FZU - the Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Science has hosted ELI Beamlines as a project since its conceptual design stage, supported its construction and technical implementation phases, and finally facilitated its integration into the ELI ERIC pan-European infrastructure.

A brief overview of the current performance of particle and radiation sources available at the ELI Beamlines user facility will be given. Unique opportunities to enable excellent science and potential societal applications at national and international levels will be discussed along with future perspectives.

The initial lecture (about 1 hour) will be followed by the panel discussion about early years of ELI in the Czech Republic moderated by Roman Hvězda with participation of Karel Jungwirth, Jan Řídký and Josef Krása (expected duration 45 minutes).

After this second part, the discussion will continue informally and the refreshments will be served.