70 years of FZU – development of the institute, key scientific topics, personalities and directors


Presenter: Michael Prouza

The history of FZU – the Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences – officially started on January 1, 1954. In my lecture, I will briefly present the rather complex events that preceded the establishment of FZU, and then I will focus on the development of the institute. Using its key scientific topics over time and personalities of all ten FZU directors, I will illustrate how the institute thrived or suffered under very different political circumstances during these 70 years.

I will try to reveal some interesting details of key moments in FZU history – for example concerning the "new" FZU building at Slovanka 50 years ago, unification of the Institute of Physics with the Institute of Solid State Physics in 1979, or the establishment of modern laser centres in Dolní Břežany during the previous decade. At the end of the lecture, I will describe some highlights of the current state of FZU, as well as key goals and requirements for the successful future development of FZU.


The lecture is a part of the cycle celebrating the 70 years of FZU and it is intended especially for FZU employees and the professional community. 

Please book your place for the lecture well in advance in the reservation system.