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Department of optical and biophysical systems


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    ••• Advanced Physical Methods in Cell Biology
    Four years ago the new research area of biophysics in frame of the team was established.
    The biophysical research line is strongly supported by the team experience in the field of optics and magnetism. The interdisciplinary research is conducted in close cooperation with the Institute of Experimental Medicine (IEM) AS CR in the frame of the Joint Laboratory of Biophysics of IoP and IEM.

    The research compromised several lines:
    - magnetic targeting of stem cells,
    - magnetic hyperthermia,
    - magnetically driven cellular endocytosis,
    - stem cells networking with micro-magnet arrays,
    - application of atmospheric low-temperature plasma for bacteria deactivation
    - and regenerative medicine.

    Our Lab experimental facilities make it feasible to design, manufacture, and characterize materials suitable for biomedical applications, diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

    Our research subjects
  • Plasma Medicine
  • Magnetic Control of Living Cell Machinery
  • Magnetic Targeting of Mesenchymal Stem Cells
    ••• Optical Spectroscopy of Novel Materials
    The main experimental technique used in our team for optical study of the materials is spectroscopic ellipsometry. This technique enabled us to investigate the complex refractive index of novel materials in the wide spectral range giving access to other fundamental physical parameters (crystalline structure, polarization, surface roughness etc.).

    Ellipsometry lab is equipped by
    - the temperature dependent ellipsometry system allowing study of optical properties of nanostructures, surfaces, and thin films;
    - detection of surface, bulk and interface phase transitions;
    - dynamic of biological films and surfaces, and nondestructive profile calculation of inhomogeneous structures.

    The optical structures for the research are prepared by pulsed laser deposition technique by the technology group from the team.

    Our research subjects
  • Interface and Strain Effects in Epitaxial Perovskite Structures
  • Characterization of Phase Transitions in Martensites by Elipsometry
    ••• Other Research Activities
  • Research in the field of x-ray crystal optics for synchrotron radiation.
  • Ellipsometric measurement of thin films properties.
  • Study of properties of thin films systems by optical methods.
  • Design and production of optical elements for light, UV and IR radiation.
  • Development of new optical methods for measurement of material properties.
  • Cooperating on issue of journal Fine mechanics and optics
  • A part of our department is also the optical workshop dealing with preparation of specimens for further measurements and production of optical elements.