CrysTBox gpaGUI - Interactive GPA


CrysTBox gpaGUI

CrysTBox gpaGUI is an interactive tool for geometric phase analysis (GPA), which can generate 2D maps of d-spacing, strain or displacement etc. from high-resolution TEM (HRTEM) images.


With gpaGUI, you just select what quantity you are after and the tool calculates the map. Since the map is interactive, you can click in the map to see the value in particular point or broader region.


The results can be more accurate and repeatable when used in tandem with diffractGUI to identify and quantify the depicted crystallographic planes. Via diffractGUI, the corresponding orientation of the atomic structure can be visualized in the cellViewer.


What data does it need?

What results does it provide?

  • interactive maps of
    • d-spacing
    • strain tensor
    • displacement
    • filtered HRTEM
  • measurement in the aforementioned maps
    • point measurement using a point cursor
    • areal measurement using a polygonal region of interes


Examples of d-spacing and displacement (X component) maps can be seen below together with the input HRTEM image. The colour-scale range is limited to the interval of 0.25 and 0.285 for the d-spacing and -0.1 and 0.1 for the displacement.


HRTEM image

d-spacing map

displacement map

Further information

Here you can find further materials about gpaGUI.

Quick-start video
Short video showing how to work with gpaGUI.
Step-by-step guide
Covers the whole analysis from opening the image to investigation of results.

GPA is described in a very nice and comprehensive paper by M. Hÿtch

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