CrysTBox - Input image


Supported image formats

Crucial input to analytical tools is the image. Supported file formats contain

  • general image file types (PNG, TIF, JPG, BMP etcc)
  • microscopic formats (DM3, DM4)

CrysTBox suite contains examples of such images, so you can familiarize yourself with each tool going through the analytical procedure before you put in your own data.


TEM images typically suffer from distortions (such as elliptical distortion). These can be eliminated firstly by proper calibration and secondly by a dedicated software. CrysTBox does not have any correction mechanisms so the distortion is expect to be eliminated, negligible or accounted for.

For many applications, reasonable distortion does not influence the results (like identification of zone axis, reflections etc.) while in case of a high-accurate quantitative analysis, it is unwanted.

Very nice tools for distortion correction can be found at Dave Mitchell's website. Since they run in the DigitalMicrograph, they are ideal pre-processing the images before their analysis in CrysTBox.