CrysTBox - Acknowledgements


Firstly I have to thank CrysTBox users, without whom the software would not have the sense. Thank you for your patience with the software imperfections and for your passion with which you push the knowledge further.


Development of this software would not have been possible without many people providing feedback, funding, support and fruitful discussion. I would like to thank to Aleš Jäger, Alexandr Dejneka, Bernhard Schaffer, Christian Gspan, Eric Leroy, Hongwei Liu, Jan Duchoň, Jun Wu, Konstantinos Goulas, Lukáš Palatinus, Maciej Zubko, Mariana Klementová, Marina Tyunina, Martin Němec, Orsolya Molnárová, Petr Šittner, Pavel Lejček, Robin Schäublin, Viera Gärtnerová, Walter Guy.

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