What we can offer


For our employees, we create an open, fair and respectful environment. We promote conditions for maintaining work-life balance. We offer full-time or part-time jobs and/or agreements to perform work or a job. We provide our employees with a number of bonuses and employee benefits.



Which bonuses and employee benefits do we offer?

We offer much more!

  • We look after new employees

Adaptation process - we are happy to assist all newcomers in getting used to the new environment, we create favourable conditions and provide our new colleagues with support during the challenging period after their entry into employment.

Welcome office –  1/3 of the colleagues at our institution comes from abroad. Upon their arrival to the Czech Republic and during their contractual period we help them handle their employment and/or legal paperwork and support their integration into our everyday life; this also includes assistance to their families.

  • We also look after the professional and personal development of our current employees.

Education and development – ongoing education is the essence of our work. We promote education and career development of all our employees. We offer professional and personal development activities such as expert training, soft and transferable skills development courses and language courses. At the same time, we develop mentorship programmes for young and beginning scientists and we help them grow professionally. Further information is available here. 

  • Work-life balance is an important part of our employment relationship.

Aligning professional and private life - we use a number of tools to align professional and private life such as flexible working hours, part-time employment or work from home. We try to satisfy our employees' requirements concerning time management and other needs.