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We support the technology transfer of outputs from research and development activities at FZU in industry and other research institutions. We cooperate with industrial partners to find solutions in national and international research and development projects. Additionally, we provide patent, legal, marketing and business support.

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Single-wire diamond saw - REISSUE

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Below-threshold public contract for supplies contracted within the simplified below-threshold procedure

Hybrid pixel detector - REISSUE

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Robot to Detect COVID-19 from Saliva Samples


A device to detect SARS-CoV-2 in saliva samples is one step closer to a real-world application.  A unique technology, which was developed by researchers from the Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences, has shown sensitivity comparable to that of PCR testing.

Flow cytometer installed in the Laboratory of Biophysics


Interdisciplinary research of the Laboratory of Biophysics aims to gain insight in the understanding of how physical factors influence the processes that drive cell behaviour and functionality. The Czech Academy of Sciences supported the laboratory by providing funds for the CytoFLEX Beckman Coulter flow cytometer.

New technologies – the key to managing coronavirus as well as Industry 4.0


Advantages of new technologies, such as 3D print, lasers or IT systems for collecting and analysing of large quantities of data will be joined under one roof at a new innovation centre and Digital Innovation Hub – Brain4Industry in Dolních Břežany. A conference called “Digitalization and 3D Print in the Practice of Czech Companies” outlined the advantages of the innovation approach being initiated there to the representatives of industry and research organizations.


We would like to thank all institutions and companies for their confidence and look forward to further successful collaboration.