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We support the technology transfer of outputs from research and development activities at FZU in industry and other research institutions. We cooperate with industrial partners to find solutions in national and international research and development projects. Additionally, we provide patent, legal, marketing and business support.

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Czech physicists have been able to "move" a quasi-particle soliton


Scientists from the Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences in collaboration with their Korean colleagues successfully demonstrated an experiment to create and destroy solitons with non-integer charge. They achieved this by using electrical pulses from the tip of a scanning microscope. The new procedure is an important step in the development of quantum computers based on solitons. The result was published in the Nature Nanotechnology journal.

A new world record for HiLASE’s BIVOJ laser!


The HiLASE Centre in Dolní Břežany is celebrating another success; another world record. At the end of January, the High Energy Slab Lasers scientific team managed to break their own world record on the BIVOJ laser system by 40%. Converting to the second harmonic frequency, they demonstrated 515 nm, second harmonic pulses with an energy of 95 J at a repetition rate of 10 Hz.

The photo called “The Outcome of the Battle Between Martensite Variants” wins the FZU Photo Competition 2021


The best photo of the FZU Photo Competition 2021 was taken by Denyse Musiienko, Ladislav Straka and Ross Colman using interference microscopy to capture a martensitic structure. In an absolute ranking of 126 submissions, second place was won by Alexej Bubonov, who also came second in 2020. The winners of this year’s contest have won third place too.


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