Administrative Unit Cukrovarnická

Ing. Zdeněk Dragoun

Employee function
Head of Division
+420 220 318 566
dragounz [at]
B 115

Ing. Hana Brůžová

Employee function
Secretary of Division
+420 220 318 550
bruzova [at]
B 115

Administrative Unit in Cukrovarnická provides administrative and technical support to the Department of Solid State Physics at the Cukrovarnická site in Prague 6. The main activities include selected administrative agenda related to the handling of purchase requests, the operation of the mailroom, gatehouse, the catering service and the operation of warehouses. Also technical support in the area of building management, building repairs and the implementation of construction investments, including the management and maintenance of electrical equipment and other activities.


Administrative Unit in Cukrovarnická includes:

  • Department of Technical and Economic Administration in Cukrovarnická
  • Department of Scientific Library in Cukrovarnická

Department of technical and economic administration in Cukrovarnická mainly provides the following services:

  • Dealing with purchasing requests for goods and services, customs clearance of shipments
  • Receiving and issuing shipments of ordered goods
  • Paying for small purchases in cash
  • Activities in field of registration of long-term small property
  • Agenda of foreign and domestic business trips – activities before trips
  • Approval of cars transport – use of a private vehicle for a business trip
  • Records of the operation of company vehicles
  • Activities of the filing office
  • Records management agenda
  • Maintenance and repair of buildings in the area
  • Preparation and realisation of construction investments, planning of area development
  • Plumbing and heating works
  • Distribution of compressed air, gas, and cooling circuit
  • Operation and maintenance of gas boilers and air conditioning
  • Locksmith works
  • Management and maintenance of electrical equipment and power distribution
  • Ensuring the operation of alternative power sources
  • Operation of the helium farm, transportation of pressure cylinders
  • Distribution of liquid nitrogen to internal and external customers
  • Management of warehouses of office supplies, PPE, drug store, cleaning products
  • Management of warehouses of tools and precious metals
  • Management of metallurgical material warehouse
  • Custom production of special parts, tools and other parts of machines and devices
  • Activities in the field of occupational safety and fire protection and prevention
  • Ensuring regular checks and revisions
  • Regular cleaning of the workplace
  • Concierge services
  • Food delivery service
  • Garden works
  • Operation of the waste collection yard in the area