The Secretariat of the Director covers the following agenda connected with the activities of the director of the FZU.

  • provides administrative support for the director and organizes his working programme
  • ensures and coordinates the materials for personal dealings of the director with the representatives of other institutions
  • organises internal and extended negotiations on conceptual scientific, organisational, economic and legal issues of the work in the FZU; if necessary, it takes the minutes of such negotiations
  • organises reception of domestic and foreign visitors and also other actions held by the director
  • ensures the Record Management System for the director and administrative support of mail agenda
  • keeps records of director’s instructions and assignments; if necessary, coordinates their execution and checks their timely and due fulfilment
  • oversees the fulfilment of tasks assigned to the director by the corresponding state authorities as well as by those of the Czech Academy of Sciences
  • keeps records of contracts and agreements with other legal subjects
  • keeps records of the scientific results of the FZU and prepares data for annual reports and accounts
  • archives and disposes of records in compliance with corresponding regulations of the FZU
  • ensures administrative work of inventions and industry standards
  • keeps records and archives of grant projects
  • provides grant support for researches
  • coordinates agenda and strategic documents in the area of international cooperation and internationalization of the FZU
  • coordinates presentation of the FZU in the media and mediates its contacts with the public
  • methodically controls and coordinates the work of the secretariats of individual divisions of the FZU, with special attention to the formal correctness of the documents