Silicon nanowires for three-dimensional nanoelectronics


Silicon nanowires are nano-scale building blocks with a unique set of properties that have been identified as one of the most important platforms for future nanoelectronics. This project aims to develop a new reliable low-temperature method to fabricate self-positioned/aligned silicon nanowires on silicon and non-silicon substrates using bottom-up approaches. We will explore new catalyst materials and growth regimes in plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) to achieve well-defined and controllable nanowire nucleation, growth, direction and doping. To get deeper insight into the growth mechanism in plasma assisted processes, we will thoroughly investigate the relation between the growth thermodynamics and physical properties of silicon nanowires. By combining the controlled nanowire growth method with lithographic processes, our technique will allow precise positioning and integration of individual silicon nanowires into functional three-dimensional structures, providing a new platform for future generations of transistors, sensors and optoelectronic devices.