Physics for Future (P4F)


Physics for Future (P4F) is an attractive, future-oriented postdoctoral programme designed to deliver a unique combination of advanced scientific, transferable, and soft-skill training.

In two calls and a transparent, merit-based, equitable open selection process, we will recruit 60 postdoctoral fellows to join the Institute of Physics (FZU) of the Czech Academy of Sciences and ELI Beamlines Facility. The fundamental research areas pursued at FZU and ELI Beamlines define the programme’s scientific scope and include Particle and Theoretical Physics, Condensed Matter, Solid State Physics, Optics, Laser and Plasma Physics.

In pursuit of sustainable research and development, we have identified three broad domains with a strong synergy between these research areas – Materials for Society, Matter under Extreme Conditions, and Emerging Tools.

With an interdisciplinary and intersectoral focus and embedded outlook towards new tools and technologies such as 3D printing, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and advanced computing, P4F will strengthen European knowledge capital and generate frontier science.

The P4F programme leads the way forward in R&D-industry discourse and collaboration, accelerating innovation, and aiding the career development of future leaders in physics. Fellows under the P4F programme will be able to address and solve the needs of society and be a part of developing global sustainability.

P4F will educate a new generation of physicists who are fluent in collaborating with industry and prepared to face future societal challenges. The P4F programme joins forces with over 70 Czech and international academic and non-academic partners. This broad network has been crafted specifically to foster deep interdisciplinary thinking and promote knowledge exchange between academia and industry, with the aim of creating stronger impact on both society and the economy.