CrysTBox – FAQ

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General questions

I don't have MATLAB license. Can I use CrysTBox?

Yes! CrysTBox is implemented in MATLAB, but it is compiled into a standalone binaries, so no MATLAB license is needed for you.

Are source codes available

No. But you don't need them to run CrysTBox - you can get the installers.

Download and Install

How can I download CrysTBox installers?

Please fill in the application form.

When I click on installer link on the download page I received, nothing happens. Is the link broken?

No, it is not. Some Chrome users report this, but the link is OK. Please try to change your browser settings or try another browser like Brave

I can't find the DM plugin. Can I download it?

Yes, DM plugins for GMS 1 and 2 are available here.

Is DM plugin available for GMS 3?

No, it is not, if you need one, let me know.

I've got some troubles with the installation. Where do I get some help?

Details on CrysTBox installation, installation of DM plug-in and troubleshooting can be found on this page.

Use of CrysTBox

How do I get my sample material into CrysTBox?

Material files supported by CrysTBox are CIF and CELL (more information). You will get several hundred materials with CrysTBox. If need more, try for instance Crystallography Open Database.

Spoiler: In the next version, there might be an interface for direct access to COD. So let's see...

Can I create or modify materials?

Yes. Even though CIFs are quite complex and not easy to create or modify correctly, you can try CELL file, which is quite simple.

Image export is quite limited in CrysTBox. Could it be improved?

Yes, in the next version, export will be fundamentally revised offering much better control of the final images and speed if multiple images are needed.

In gpaGUI, I cant see part of controls in the very top of the window. What can I do?

Well, this is a complete mystery for me. MATLAB libraries typically work well, but here the compiled version acts somehow weird. You can try to resize the window via the settings in the main menu - View / GUI zoom /.... Let's hope I will be able to fix it till the next release, but it's difficult to fix something which behaves correctly in MATLAB. If some MATLAB programmer experienced this problem and knows the solution, I will be quite glad for any hint.

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