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Good news: After 7 years, new CrysTBox to be released. And finally, also in commercial version!
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Artificial intelligence and interactivity in your service

New technologies are changing the game in many fields, crystallography being no exception. CrysTBox is a suite of computer tools for automated analysis of TEM images (HRTEM and diffraction) and for crystallographic visualization. It is designed to put the power of modern technologies in the hands of crystallographers and material scientists to boost their research.

And what do you need to accelerate your research?

To have more time for important things To get more accurate results Squeeze maximum out of my data To understand how things work To see the meaning in tons of data

It is interactive graphics which takes you from data to the meaning

Unlike human, CrysTBox takes into account tens of reflections at once

Easier cases in one click, hard ones still easier with assisted analysis

Image processing can reveal what stayed in the shadows

See, touch, play, understand...

For all - experts as well as non-crystallographers

Expert users will enjoy faster, more accurate and repeatable analysis than what can be achieved manually. Assisted analysis can help with most difficult images. Advanced features can also be helpful in performing non-trivial experimental techniques.

Thanks to its automation and inter­­­­activity, CrysTBox acts as a cross-disciplinary bridge. Even as a non-crystallographer, you can achieve accurate results and see theit meaning in the material. Therefore, CrysTBox is ideal for interdisciplinary projects and education.

All around the world

There is no information about any user in Antarctica, space or moon. Otherwise, the users got CrysTBox into 100 countries. Thank you all!

New to CrysTBox? Has it been used in your country for years or are you going to lead the way?

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Good company to join

CrysTBox is used in many renowned institutions to characterize most fascinating materials:

Latest citation

Vardanyan, Viktorya et al. "Initial Stages of Hydrogen-Enhanced Methane Reduction of Nickel Oxide" Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research (2024).

Six tools ready to tackle your research challenges in 21st century manner


Automated analysis of SAED, HRTEM, CBED etc.

Quick start video

Step-by-step guide


Automated ring diffraction analysis.

Quick start video

Step-by-step guide


Interactive crystallographic visualization.

Quick start video


Interactive interface visualization.

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Step-by-step guide


Interactive Geometric phase analysis.

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Step-by-step guide


Automated TEM sample thickness measurement.

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Interested? Let's Apply, download and play!

If you want to download CrysTBox, please fill in this application form. CrysTBox is free for educational and scientific use.

Due to our MATLAB license, the suite must not be used for commercial purposes or by commercial subjects. For more see CrysTBox license.

The installers are built for Windows. Installation should be quite straight-forward. Still, the whole procedure is described in in this installation guide together with some tips for potential troubleshooting.


Due to the use of MATLAB Compiler Runtime, approximate hardware requirements are: 1GB RAM, 2GB of a disk space, 1GB graphic memory is recommended.

CrysTBoxer already? Here you can get some support

Frequently asked questions answer how to get new materials or integrate CrysTBox in DigitalMicrograph etc.

Quick-start videos illustrate what can be done with individual tools.

Step-by-step guides summarize the analytical procedure for all four analytical tools.

However ancient it is, this long video provides a commented guide to diffractGUI, ringGUI and cellViewer.

There are several publications about CrysTBox which can be refered to and cited:


M. Klinger. More features, more tools, more CrysTBox. Journal of Applied Crystallography, 50(4), 2017.



Here you can find all papers.


I would like to thank all CrysTBox users and many people who contributed CrysTBox development.


In case of any questions, offers or comments, feel free to contact me: Miloslav Klinger

Recent citations and News

Vardanyan, Viktorya et al. "Initial Stages of Hydrogen-Enhanced Methane Reduction of Nickel Oxide" Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research (2024).

Brunei became the 100th country where you can find CrysTBox.