0MSPIN - Spintronika založená na relativistických jevech v systémech s nulovým magnetickým momentem


Hlavní řešitel: prof. Tomáš Jungwirth, Ph.D.
Název: Spintronika založená na relativistických jevech v systémech s nulovým magnetickým momentem
Akronym: 0MSPIN
Program: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Financování: ERC-AG - ERC Advanced Grant
Projekt RCN: 99085
Projekt ID: 268066
Období: 1. 6. 2011 - 31. 5. 2016
Celkové náklady: 1 938 000 EUR
Příspěvek EU pro FZÚ: 1 485 000 EUR
Koordinováno v: České republice


The 0MSPIN project consists of an extensive integrated theoretical, experimental and device development programme of research opening a radical new approach to spintronics. Spintronics has the potential to supersede existing storage and memory applications, and to provide alternatives to current CMOS technology. Ferromagnetic matels used in all current spintronics applications may make it impractical to realise the full potential of spintronics. Metals are unsuitable for transistor and information processing applications, for opto-electronics, or for high-density integration. The 0MSPIN project aims to remove the major road-block holding back the development of spintronics in a radical way: removing the ferromagnetic component from key active parts or from the whole of the spintronic devices. This approach is based on exploiting the combination of exchange and spin-orbit coupling phenomena and material systems with zero macroscopic moment. The goal of the 0MSPIN is to provide a new paradigm by which spintronics can enter the realms of conventional semiconductors in both fundamental condensed matter research and in information technologies. In the central part of the proposal, the research towards this goal is embedded within a materials science project whose aim is to introduce into physics and microelectronics an entirely new class of semiconductors. 0MSPIN seeks to exploit three classes of material systems:

  1. Antiferromagnetic bi-metallic 3d-5d alloys (e.g. Mn2Au)
  2. Antiferromagnetic I-II-V semiconductors (e.g. LiMnAs)
  3. Non-magnetic spin-orbit coupled semiconductors with injected spin-polarized currents (e.g. 2D III-V structures)

Proof of concept devices operating at high temperatures will be fabricated to show-case new functionalities offered by zero-moment systems for sensing and memory applications, information processing, and opto-electronics technologies.

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