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Semináře a workshopy oddělení 26

Seminář / Úterý, 30.05.2017 10:00

The talk will start with a brief summary of the research activity of the SPMTH group, in particular, our recent developments to describe tip-sample transport and interactions for the simulation of STM and AFM [1,2], reducible oxides for catalysys and optoelectronics [3], graphene edge states and vacancy-induced magnetism [4], and the challenges involved in the imaging of surfaces and large biomolecules in their native liquid environment [5,6].


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Seminář / Středa, 07.06.2017 10:00 - 11:00

We use molecular design, tailored syntheses, intermolecular interactions, and selective chemistry to explore the ultimate limits of miniaturization. We direct molecules into desired positions to create nanostructures, to connect functional molecules to the outside world, and to serve as test structures for measuring single or bundled molecules. Interactions within and between molecules can be designed, directed, measured, understood, and exploited at unprecedented scales. 

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Seminář / Úterý, 13.06.2017 10:00 - 11:00

While photochemistry in the gas phase demands a resonant excitation of the molecules, the presence of a metal surface in surface chemistry opens a different pathway via the creation of hot electrons in the metal and subsequent attachment of these energetic electrons to adsorbed molecules. We use two set-ups that combine a low-temperature scanning tunneling microscope operating below 10 K with a frequency doubled femto-second laser and a tunable pico-second laser, respectively, to investigate processes induced by these electrons on a single molecule basis.


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