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Head of the Department of Condensed Matter Theory – Position opening

The Institute of Physics of the CAS /FZU/ is a public research institute focused on the fundamental and applied research of physics. It is the largest institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences with a staff of over 1200, located across three premises in Prague and one in Olomouc.

Description of the position

The job opening is for the position of the head of the Department of Condensed Matter Theory. The department is a part of the Division of Condensed Matter Physics which is one of the two major Institute research divisions active in solid state physics. The department focuses on mainstream solid state physics theory with emphasis given to the subjects relevant to the research performed in the Institute and in the Division of Condensed Matter Physics in particular. Some theoretical work is done directly in direct collaboration with the experimental departments. Good communication with these departments is expected. The department currently does not have an optimal age profile and the suitable candidate should aim to reinvigorate the department. In this regard, close cooperation with the main Czech universities and the recruitment of PhD students and postdocs is expected.
The candidate should have a research interest within the area of theory solid state physics and computation of materials.


The suitable candidate will be responsible for managing the department. His responsibilities will include:

  • establishing his/her own research group,
  • managing efficient operation of the department in cooperation with the division leader,
  • ensuring good visibility of the department by means of seminars, workshops, etc.,
  • maintaining good relations with relevant universities with the emphasis on recruitment of PhD students,
  • encouraging the department members to submit project applications and coordinate this activity.


The applicant should have:

  • A PhD in either theoretical or computational physics or a closely related field, as well as relevant postdoctoral experience.
  • At least 10 years of active research in solid state physics theory.
  • An outstanding publication and citation record.
  • A good background in theoretical computational techniques in condensed matter and materials theory is required, experience in ab-initio and microscopic numerical calculations as well as overlap of interest with experimental groups of the Division of Condensed Matter Physics is desirable.
  • A high command of English. Ability to communicate in Czech (or Slovak) is an advantage.
  • Ability to build and lead a research team, in particular to develop a strategy and vision for medium-term development, responding to the new trends in the field with emphasis on the research themes. Indicate if you have already led a group.
  • At least 3 recommendation letters.
  • At least 3 references that we may contact in connection with this application.

Please address all the above listed criteria individually in the cover letter of your application.

Further information

  • The position is full-time.
  • The position is available earliest from the February 1, 2017, however a later date of the start of the employment can be negotiated.
  • The salary will be set according to FZU standards for managerial staff (depending on the qualification of the applicant).
  • The offered position is a tenure-track position.


Institute of Physics, The Czech Academy of Sciences, Na Slovance 2, Praha 8, Czech Republic


Applicants should provide their CV, recommendation letters, and cover letter (all in English) along with a complete list of publications. They should single out 5 most important publications with the description of their contribution.

All these materials should be sent to personal department (mailto:osobniatfzu [dot] cz) of the Institute. The deadline for applications is January 15, 2017.

Please include the following text in your cover letter, to allow us to process your personal details:

I agree that, according to the decree 101/2000 coll. (Czech Republic), my personal details sent to FZU AV CR, v. v. i., Na Slovance 2, 182 21 Praha 8, Czech Republic can be used for the purpose of obtaining employment and management of database of employment candidates. This permission is given for the period of one year and can be at any time withdrawn by giving a notice in writing.

osobniatfzu [dot] cz

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